Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Idaho Republican Legislator of the Year

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

2006 was a very good year for Idaho State Senator John McGee because that was the year that he received a couple of highly prestigious honors.  In was in 2006 that the young man (in his early thirties) was named Idaho Republican State Legislator of the Year - and - Idaho's Young Republican of the Year.  The political future of Senator McGee appeared to be very bright indeed.

But things changed dramatically a couple of nights ago when the up-and-coming state senator was found drunk and passed out in the back seat of a vehicle that he had stolen - a vehicle that was pulling a 20' trailer.  Apparently the senator had been drinking most of the evening at the watering hole of a local country club.  He left, on foot, about two in the morning, and was next seen by a couple of young boys walking around the yard of a stranger's home (barefoot) where he had jack-knifed the stolen Ford Excursion and trailer.

Senator McGee allegedly told authorities that he was on his way to Jackpot, Nevada, a town 180 miles southeast of Boise that is known for (surprisingly!) gambling.  He told the owner of the property where he was arrested, a volunteer county jail chaplain, that he was looking for the "Promised Land!"


When he saw the chaplain's wife step out onto the front porch in her bathrobe, he reportedly said, "Look, there's an angel."  It was at that point that the homeowners called the police.

The senator's escapade launched him into the big time.  The next evening Jay Leno cited the incident during his monologue, and then after referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Weiner in the same bit, Leno went on to postulate:  "What is this, spring break for politicians?"

Senator McGee serves from his hometown of Caldwell, Idaho, in the southwestern quadrant of the state very near the capital of Boise.  He is currently the Chairman of the Republican Caucus in the State Senate and the head of the Transportation Committee.  It would appear that plans to progress beyond those august levels of leadership may be currently on hold.


Don said...

I'm trying to imagine what it must feel like to end up on the losing side of a battle with alcohol. Members of my own family have struggled with it and I'm keenly aware of the tragedy this disease leaves in its wake.
And, for me at least, it's refreshing that he's not cheating on his wife with some tawdry assemblage of high-priced hookers, or defrauding his constituents by accepting lavish campaign contributions from those who would despoil the environment of Idaho -- one of nature's most precious gifts to the human race.
But that's just me.

Xobekim said...

As bad as it all sounds, he may get a break if the legislature is still in session. Typically legislators are immune from prosecution, but you'd have to closely read the Idaho statutes to be sure.

Lord Acton said it "Power tends to corrupt." After he gets his plea deal and dons the ash cloth, he can look forward to being the rehab man of the year.

Besides, many so-called Christian voters love nothing more than repentance and deliverance. Unless the slob is a Democrat!