Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Obama Store

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It's finally here - some positive news about the 2012 presidential campaign:  The Barack Obama on-line store is up and running.  The site offers the usual stuff:  bumper stickers, yard signs, campaign buttons, and several styles of tee-shirts.  Most have only the distinctive Obama logo along with the year 2012.

My favorite item, however, is the Obama coffee mug that features the President's smiling face on one side with the slogan, "Made in the USA," and a copy of his birth certificate on the other side.   Slam, bam, thank you Jesus!   The mugs literally say it all!  I may order several to have on hand as Christmas gifts for my special friends!  (Heck, I'm even tempted to become a coffee drinker!)

It is so refreshing to have something positive to focus on with regard to the 2012 presidential election.  I for one am tired of hearing about who is a good Christian and who isn't, who hates Planned  Parenthood or unions the most, who is the most homophobic or racially bigoted, who has piled up the most money, who is the meanest in the debates, and which primaries and/or debates are smart to skip.  It's all just so much santorum!

I hope the Republican's don't steal the President's thunder and come up with their own coffee mugs.  People might actually stand in line to buy a Newt mug with his picture and coupled with his Tiffany's bill  - or photos of his wives.  Or how about a Bachmann mug with her photo on the front and a map of the route between Lexington and Concord on the reverse - a Massachusetts' map!  Or another big seller might be a Palin mug with her picture under a rifle crosshairs on one side and a picture of Paul Revere's horse on the other.  How about one featuring a picture Little Ricky Santorum that is complemented with a picture of a santorum stain?  (Google it.)  The possibilities seem almost limitless!

Let's go shopping!

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Don said...

The mug is awesome. I bought 3 -- one for me and one for both of my sons. Thanks for the info.