Friday, June 24, 2011

Super 8, Super Great!

by Pa Rock
Film Critic

Super 8 opened today in Japan, I had the day off and was well rested, and Camp Foster chose to run the new movie at its theatre this evening - just across the street from where I live.  It was the perfect storm!

My grandson, Boone, told me a couple of weeks ago that he really liked this movie, and that recommendation took a strong precedence over the snarly little reviews that I read on-line.  People who had seen the movie were getting all twisted about little discrepancies and historical goofs - like the color of the tank on a space shuttle model being brown instead of white.  What a bunch of whiners!  I took Boone's recommendation (and my good friend, Valerie) and went to the first Okinawan presentation of Super 8.

Steven Spielberg didn't write or direct his movie, but he was one of the three producers - and it had definite echoes of an earlier Spielberg film, The Goonies - with a hint of an even earlier Spielberg classic, ET.   The plot of Super 8 has a small group of young adolescents making a zombie film, witnessing a colossal train wreck, and then playing cat-and-mouse with their parents and the military who seem to be conducting some nefarious business in the town as a result of the train wreck.  It had the look and feel of the band of kids in The Goonies who were on a treasure hunt.

I loved Super 8 - and The Goonies!   I didn't notice any of the flaws that seemed to drive other viewers insane because I was too busy watching and enjoying the movie.  Perhaps the people who made Super 8 didn't want the inevitable comparisons to The Goonies, but there was no way that wouldn't happen.  I think they missed the boat by not casting Sean Astin (Mikey), Josh Brolin (Brand), and Jeff Cohen (Chunk) as the dads of Joe, Alice, and Charles - respectively.

Super 8 was fun from beginning to end, and the train wreck was spectacular!   My grandson is so much smarter than those geeks who were straining their eyes looking for historical inaccuracies!    Those dweebs missed a really great movie!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pa Rock glad you liked the movie and the train wreck was awesome! Thanks for the comments about me and I hope to see you soon.