Thursday, June 2, 2011

If Democrats Could Choose the GOP Standard Bearer

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The Daily Kos, a great site for politics from a liberal perspective (, is running a poll this evening that asks its readers to choose the candidate that they would most like to see be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2012.  As the readership of this site is decidedly left-of-center, one might want to judge the real strength of candidates based on low rather than high results.

As of a few minutes ago, 2,933 votes had been cast.   The big leaders so far - the persons whom liberals likely see as the easiest to beat in 2012 - are Michele Bachmann with 848 votes (28%) and Sarah Palin with 1,083 votes (36%).  (Don't tell anyone, but Sarah got my vote!)

Mitt Romney had 115, Tim Pawlenty 28, New Gingrich 103, Buddy Roemer 11, Ron Paul 102, John Bolton 77, Jon Huntsman 87, Herman Cain 104, Little Ricky Santorum 136, Gary Johnson 44, Rick Perry 45, Rudy Giuliana 36, and "other" had 114 votes.

The whole damned list looks "other" to me!

Run Sarah, run!

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