Thursday, June 9, 2011

Michele Bachmann Scrapes Bottom

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist 

Minnesota welfare recipient, Michele Bachmann, who also serves as a Member of Congress which puts her on the federal dole as well, is making lots of noise about wanting to run for President - of the United States, no less!  A few weeks ago she put the word out that she had asked God to provide her with someone to run a campaign, and God, that infinite jester, has finally coughed up a politico to help Ms. Bachmann in her quest for immortality - and it must have been one big nasty cough, because the new campaign manager came from the absolute bottom of the barrel!

Ed Rollins, a man who has been involved with some of the most odious politicians in the history of the Republic, has stepped forward to help lead Michele to the back door of the White House.   Rollins, whose political autobiography is entitled Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms, admittedly has skills in voter manipulation (based on his own boasts), but he is probably not someone whom Sweet Michele  would be comfortable sitting next to in church.

My favorite Rollins story is the job he did for and on Christine Todd Whitman.   Ms. Whitman was running for governor of New Jersey in 1993 against an incumbent Democrat.  After her campaign began to crash on the Jersey shore, the desperate candidate brought in Rollins to manage the affair.  Remarkably, she won, but by the slimmest (and perhaps slimiest) of margins.

Ed be praised!

But then before Christie and her family could even get unpacked in the governor's mansion, Rollins went public in a fit of self-aggrandizement and announced to the world that Whitman had won the election because he directed payment of cash to certain Black ministers so that they would work to suppress the votes of their congregations - a phenomenon referred to as "negative vote buying" in some political research.

Ed Rollins spent money to get Black ministers to hold down the Black voter turnout - and then bragged about it!

Oh, Michele, you are so blessed!

And I guess we can give the glory to God.  That old broad has one really wicked sense of humor!

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