Saturday, August 21, 2010

Unboxing Old Friends

by Pa Rock
Shameless Collector

Saturday.  I have spent most of the day unboxing my treasures, ten boxes so far, and several more likely before I hit the sheets later tonight.  Much of what I unpacked and put away today were books, my oldest and dearest friends. The amount of books that I have is well beyond a guilty pleasure;  it is shameless, plain and simple.   I hauled a truckload of books and other distractions to Tim before I left the states, with the intention that he peddle them on Ebay, or do what I can't and throw them away.  I also sent quite a few into storage in Phoenix.  But still, here I am on Okinawa with books stacked on every flat surface..   They multiply like rabbits!

The other thing that seems to be expanding exponentially are framed pictures of family.  They're everywhere, they're everywhere!  I'm not going to be hanging pictures of the walls of this beautiful apartment, so I guess it is fortunate that I have so many book cases for storing books and displaying the lives of my loved ones!

Today's question:  What's worse than an infomercial?  Answer:  A Japanese infomercial!  Con-artists know no borders - and they have no shame!

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