Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Riddance, Dr. Laura!

by Pa Rock 
Citizen Journalist

Idiotic radio personality, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, has announced that she will be ending her radio show when her contract expires at the end of this year.   This sudden departure from the public airwaves is a result of a rant that Dr. Laura unleashed on a black female caller last week – a rant in which she felt compelled to use the N-word eleven times in five minutes!

(That’s a mark that would have been hard for Orville Faubus, George Wallace, or even Lester Maddox to have hit in their heydays!)

Schlessinger lamented on Larry King Live that she was quitting radio in order to “regain” her First Amendment rights.  Seriously!  She stated, “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart, and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry.”

And I agree with the F-wording B-word.  The First Amendment does protect her right to say almost anything.  But if her mind and heart are filled with racial hatred, and if she feels that demeaning an entire race of people is helpful and useful, then I am glad that she is giving up, or losing, her big public podium.    But I suspect that using the N-word will continue to make people angry regardless of where or how she chooses to spew it.

Dr. Laura, who is entitled to use the title “doctor” due to having a PhD in physiology, needs to get with the twenty-first century – or at least with the latter part of the twentieth century.    Slavery ended 150 years ago.  Jim Crow is dead, and segregation is a thing of the past.    The Klan and other hate groups are little more than impotent sideshows in most of the United States - with big portions of Arizona, Oklahoma, and South Carolina serving as sad exceptions.  If she is strongly committed to being an angry bigot, let her take her rage to some insignificant little blog where she can say what is on her mind without offending thousands.

It’s therapeutic, Laura.  You can trust me on that because I am a counselor - a real one!

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