Thursday, August 12, 2010

Told You So!

by Pa Rock
Political Pundit, a fairly conservative political blog featured this headline today regarding this past Tuesday's primary elections in several states:

"Primary night yields good news for President Obama and Democrats."

Hmmm...that sounds vaguely reminiscent of something that I said in this space just a couple of days ago!
The first primary election that Politico showcased was the race for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator from Colorado.  The President had a horse in that race, Michael Bennett, as did Bill Clinton with Andrew Romanoff.  Bennett won handily, giving President Obama a nice prestige boost. 

Meanwhile, Colorado Republicans nominated Ken Buck, a tea-bagger-type, to run against Bennett in the general election.  Buck was recently caught on tape making disparaging remarks about women.  Dissing 52% of the population probably isn't smart politics.  Mr. Buck is already being compared to Nevada whacko, and Senate candidate, Sharron Angle.

The tea-baggers are going great-guns in primaries, where the voters are fewer and more partisan, but success based on those criteria won't translate into November victories.     Tea-baggers are foisting ideologues on their party who can't win general elections.

Republican tea-baggers (Is there any other kind?) also nominated Dan Maes as their candidate for governor of Colorado.  Maes is the screwball who has been complaining about the socialist nature of Denver's shared bicycle program - a program that has been around for two decades and is extremely popular with many of the citizens of Denver's urban downtown.  Maes feels that programs which promote things like sharing bicycles will lead to a greater U.N. influence - and we can't have that, now can we!

Tea-baggers, please keep flexing your political muscle and nominating these unelectable nuts!

Republican tea-baggers in Connecticut nominated former fake wrestling promoter and President of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Linda McMahon, to be their party's standard-bearer in the governor's race.  That might fly in the bayou backwaters of northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas, but it won't get off the ground in a state like Connecticut with a highly educated populace, many of whom commute daily to The Big Apple. 

(Just how will Ms. McMahon stand on the issue of exposing children to violence, when that is how she amassed her fortune?  Or how will she react to the use of steroids by athletes considering the massive use of steroids by her  Enquiring minds want to know!)

And there was much more good news for Democrats last Tuesday.  Check out the article in Politico.

Today's Politico also had a piece suggesting that an endorsement by Sarah Palin isn't necessarily a recipe for success, and, in fact, some Republican candidates are avoiding her.  (I think that I said something like that a couple of days ago also!)

Here's a little gem that will impact the general election  Over 80% of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job, however, most American's like their Congressmen and Senators - they just don't like those that the other guys send to Congress. 

There will be no big shifts in Congress this year, and if the tea-baggers keep high-jacking Republican primaries and nominating whack-jobs, there may actually be some Democratic gains. 

(Two cases in point:  Missouri and Kentucky will each fill Republican Senate vacancies with Democrats.)

You heard it here first!

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