Friday, August 27, 2010

Murkowski Gets Baked in Alaska

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This coming political rout by Republicans that all of the talking heads (and Republicans) are predicting, is becoming less and less likely, particularly with regard to the Senate.  Oh, yes, the GOP will take some Democratic seats, like the one occupied by Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, but she has been such a miserable blue dog, that the Republicans are likely to miss her more than the Democrats will.  Evan Bayh's vacated seat in Indiana will also fall to Republicans, but it was amazing that a Democrat ever held that seat in the first place.  Indiana, after all, is the state that sent Dumb Dan Quayle to the Senate.

There is a list of current Democratic Senate seats over which Republicans, teabaggers, and Fox News are salivating, and Republicans will take some - at least the two mentioned above.  What isn't being talked about by the prognosticators, however, is that there are some Republican Senate seats that are going to slide over into the Democratic column.  I am currently predicting that three will go Democratic - Missouri, Kentucky, and Alaska - with a fourth, Florida, either electing a Democrat or an Independent.

The biggest Senate election news of this week comes from Alaska where all of the major polls had incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski listed as a safe bet to be re-elected.  Ms. Murkowski, who was originally appointed to the Senate by her father, Governor Frank Murkowski of Alaska, spent over 1.4 million dollars to win her primary election against teabagger Joe Miller this past Tuesday.  (That's a lot of oil and gas money!)   Miller spent a paltry $200,000 on the election - and he has apparently beaten the incumbent by several hundred votes.  Now Murkowski is running around with her lawyers trying to figure a way to change the vote totals or get her name on a third-party ticket.

But it's too late now, and Lisa Murkowski loses even if she wins.

If she pulls some political shenanigans and messes with Joe Miller's victory, she will piss off large chunks of the idiot fringe - voters that she would need in order to beat Democrat Scott McAdams, a native Alaskan and Mayor of Sitka, in the November general election.

And where is Sarah Palin in all of this Alaska drama.  Well, Mama Grizzly is the person who took the governor's seat away from Murkowski's father, and there appears to be no love lost between her and Senator Murkowski.  In fact, Palin endorsed Joe Miller.

The stars are lining up in Alaska, and they appear poised to lead Democrat Scott McAdams to the Senate!

God I love teabaggers - especially when they roll in the mud fighting "mainstream" Republicans!  Snakes fornicating - could anything be sweeter!

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