Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bolts, and Washers, and Nuts - Oh, My!

by Pa Rock
Moving Specialist

With the exception of a medical drama today that took up a couple of hours (see, I have devoted the rest of the day to unpacking boxes and putting together a pair of end tables that I bought new in the States and had shipped over here unassembled.

My father owned a small appliance store when I was a kid in school, and I was always tasked with the grunge work at his store.  Anytime something needed assembled - things like television stands and lawnmowers - I was the lucky person that got to spread all of the parts out and spend the afternoon trying to make sense of diagrams while getting things to snap or bolt together.  I hated it!

So what was I thinking when I bought a computer table and a pair of end tables, unassembled, and brought them overseas to put together?  They will all be returning to the States as assembled pieces of furniture.  That's for damned sure!

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