Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedding Day!

by Pa Rock
Proud Dad

Mr. Tim Macy and Miss Erin Pater will be married at five o'clock this afternoon at their apartment in Kansas City, Missouri. Erin is from this area, so I will get to meet many of her relatives and lots of Tim and Erin's friends. It should be a very nice evening.

My friend Carla helped me get hooked up to Skype last night - by phone, and then she and I managed to have a video call across Kansas City. Carla is coming over to my hotel for lunch today, and she will help me polish my Skype skills so that Tim's poor, pregnant sister, Molly, should be able to see the ceremony from her home in Salem, Oregon. Tim's other sibling, Nick, and his son, Boone, had planned on being here for the wedding, but they have both been very ill with the flu - possibly what Nick's granddad refers to as the "pig flu!"

Updates to follow here or on Twitter.

1 comment:

bK in MO said...

What is your skype? LOL
I have it too.
We should arrange for a computer to computer call some time. It would be fun. Email with details.