Friday, November 13, 2009

Scuzzball Airways!

by Pa Rock
Pissed Off Traveler

I admit that I wouldn't be happy if I didn't have something to bitch about. With that requirement in mind, I should move into an airport where I would undoubtedly be deliriously happy all the time!

Today the object of my ire is U.S. Airways, a Phoenix-based claptrap airline that just charged me twenty-five dollars to check a twenty-one pound suitcase.


Yes, you say, I could stuff my stuff into a carry-on, elbow my way through the rest of the luggage-lugging public, and then cram it into an overhead bin - probably nowhere near where I would be sitting. But I don't really want to be a part of that pig push, at least not today when I am packing a suit for my son's wedding - a suit that I would prefer not having to wad up so that it will fit into a carry-on.

So, Scuzzball Air, here is my twenty-five - and when I fly back to Phoenix on Sunday I will grease your greedy palm again with twenty-five more. It is probably worth it, since my suitcase will undoubtedly be traveling all by its lonesome in the plane's belly!


If you thieving maggots really are so hard up for cash that you are literally peddling peanuts, selling sodas, and charging to check baggage, why not just raise the price of the tickets and and quit behaving like pickpockets. I'm sure that the flying public would appreciate the courtesy of just being robbed once instead of running the gauntlet of airline employee beggars. I know that I would!

U.S. Airways, you suck!

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kittyknitter said...

I love it!!!! Way to go!!! Also, congratulations on your son's wedding. I wish him and his new bride all that is good in this world and a lifelong marriage.