Monday, November 9, 2009

Poetry Monday: "The Lonely Things"

by Pa Rock
Poetry Appreciator

Rod McKuen was the poet of choice on college campuses in the 1960's, known for simple and passionate works about love, solitude, and cats - and sometimes all three at once. I have five volumes of McKuen's work, two of which (Listen to the Warm and Stanyan Street) were acquired during my undergraduate days. The following poem, "The Lonely Things," is the closing verse of Stanyan Street. It is very representative of the lyrical softness evoked by Rod McKuen.

For your reading enjoyment and peaceful thoughts...

The Lonely Things
by Rod McKuen

The silent rain that falls, the meadowlark
the winter wind that calls the lovers from the park
the sad and bitter song December sings
these are the lonely things.

The sun behind the clouds, the starless night
when you're alone in crowds the need for sudden
the empty loneliness that parting brings
these are the lonely things.

A taste of love too soon gone wrong
the sad mistaken heart that heard the sirens song
and sang along.

The waves that drum the shore at morning light
the friends that come no more to try and make things
the hopes that fly too soon as though on wings
these are the lonely things.

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Anonymous said...

I am most appreciative of this. Thank you.