Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Active Saturday

by Pa Rock
Weekend Wonder

Today I finally made it back to the gym, after a break of too many days. I managed to step out 3.68 miles in a hour on the treadmill, not my best by far, but definitely a much stronger performance than I was giving just a year ago. I also read a short story (mind exercise), bought groceries, and made a swing through Lowe's where I purchased potting soil, mulch, bricks, and a garbage disposal. The park manager had assured me that I could get a magnificent garbage disposal for around fifty dollars. He was wrong.

This afternoon I planted the four rosebushes that I bought last week. They are in a sunny spot with good drainage, so I am hopeful that my mini-rose garden will succeed.

Tonight I am heading into Phoenix to see a stage play - Elaine May's "George is Dead," a mystery starring Marlo Thomas. It is at the Herberger Theatre where I managed to get sprayed while sitting on the front row watching "The Kite Runner." I think that I have the same seat this time, so I hope that Marlo is less exuberant!

Next Friday I am again going downtown to catch a play, "The Little Dog Laughed," at the Nearly Naked Theatre. The productions of the Nearly Naked Theatre are always memorable!

I just heard Scroungy Bastard coming in through the doggy door. It must be supper time!

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