Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Ramble Enters the Terrible Twos!

by Pa Rock
Blog Master

Two years ago tonight I sat down in front of the computer and taught myself how to set up a blog. My intent at the time was to use The Ramble as a place to collect my writing scraps and as a forum for journaling my daily thoughts and activities. As I looked at the blank screen that warm Arizona night two years ago, I struggled to come up an idea for the first posting. I finally settled on writing about one of my passions - the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama.

Two years ago tonight Mr. Obama was well back in the pack of Democratic presidential wannabes. One year ago tonight he was giving a victory speech at a park in Chicago with the whole world watching. I was proud of him then, and although I occasionally get aggravated with our President now, I am still proud of him. Barack Hussein Obama is the personification of how far America has advanced during my lifetime.

This past July I signed up for a service that tracks visitors to The Ramble. Twenty-five or more people visit this blog on an average day. Thirty-one have stopped by since midnight last night, including international visitors from Australia (2), Japan, the Philippines, Canada, and Denmark. Most arrive by using a search engine (almost always Google) to look up something that I just happened to write about. Many of today's visitors, for instance, were wanting to learn more about the Phoenix baggage bandits - whom I wrote about last night. Randy Leach, Levi King, and The Brass Teapot by Tim Macy also stir regular interest.

It takes a lot of thoughtful effort to "go to press" with something of interest every evening, and twenty-five or thirty random people out of six billion doesn't exactly make me H.L. Mencken, but it is a challenge that I have come to enjoy. If I occasionally say something that makes you smile - or cringe - let me know. Feedback gets me stoked!

Hang around for year three, and let's see where this thing goes.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to The Ramble!