Friday, November 6, 2009

Life With a Cat

by Pa Rock
Old Softie

The trailer park manager sent a notice a few weeks ago telling me that if I was going to feed a cat, I had to do it inside of my house, He didn't want any feral cats being attracted to the neighborhood because of a cat dish sitting outside. It was just garden variety harassment. The ill-tempered oaf was hoping that I would decide to get rid of the cat who had adopted me. So, I complied with his hateful park "rule" and began feeding old SB inside - and then throwing him out after his morning and evening meals.

Then the weather got chilly for a week or so, and the cat wanted to move in on a permanent basis. I wasn't having any of that, so I opened my storage shed to allow him to spend the nights there. But the shed wasn't good enough for SB. I learned that he had belonged to an old couple who moved from the park. They had given him to a friend, but he ran off from the friend's house because she had other cats, and SB, like me, is a bit of a loner.

The past few nights my little orange friend has been crying at the front and back doors seeking entry. Tonight I gave up and opened the dog door. It took SB about 5 seconds to figure it out!

The poor old cat was lonely. Now he is wrapped around my computer purring contentedly as I type this blog post. I guess he can be my editor!


bK in MO said...

I'm glad you relented. Sounds like the two of you are quite a pair. We just acquired a baby kitten who is rapidly growing up, and he is an inside cat all the way. do your animal a favor and rid him of fleas. Take him to the vet if you like for this, but I wash my cat with shampoo (use Dawn dish liquid to kill the fleas) and then make sure the bedding is clean. SB needs a soft place to sleep. And tell your trailer park guy to lighten up, Francis!

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Good advice - though I'm not sure that we have fleas in Arizona. They are probably considered a delicacy by the scorpions!