Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do Not Feed Cynthia Davis!

by Pa Rock
Unmotivated Hearty Eater

Stephen Colbert outed a Missouri nitwit on his Colbert Report last night. The sardonic comedian revealed that Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis (R-19) opposed subsidizing school lunches for low income children. Her "logic" was her belief that "hunger can be a positive motivator."

Colbert said that one in five Missouri children live in hunger - and that number is way too conservative - take it from this former resident and state child protective worker. He also noted that Rep. Davis has never risen above the rank of state representative, and he suggested that was possibly because she had developed the unmovitating habit of eating. He recommended that Missourians band together in an effort to deny her food.

What an excellent suggestion!

Being basically a life-long resident of the show-me state, I felt an uncontrollable urge to write to Rep. Cynthia Davis and give her my two-cents worth. The following is a copy of the email that I sent to her this afternoon.

"Rep. Davis,

As a once and future Missourian (McDonald County), I was saddened to see the piece on you on the Colbert Report. Views like yours on the benefits of keeping children hungry make Missouri look a little wacko to the rest of the nation. You should apologize to Missouri's children and families - and then consider resigning.


Rocky Macy
Litchfield Park, AZ"

If you have anything to share with Rep. Davis on the subject of children and hunger, her email address is:

But try not to bother her during lunch!

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