Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Good Shepherds

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist


That is the advice that I would give anyone who has the temerity to send money to television evangelists or religious charlatans who are whore mongers (like Jimmy Swaggart), unfaithful to their wives (Jim Bakker), hypocritical gay crackheads (Ted Haggard), dangerous pedophiles (Tony Leyva, Tony Alamo, and several platoons of Catholic priests), or just generally deranged (Wiley Drake).

If you support scum like that, repent!

Tony Alamo made the news today. He is a televangelist from Arkansas who has been accused of taking young girls across state lines for sex. Today one of his wives told about Alamo's graphic description to her of him raping an eight-year-old girl while she clung to a stuffed animal. Fortunately for the world in general and little girls in particular, Alamo is under lock and key and currently on trial in a Federal Court in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Prosecutors are making the case that Alamo married the 8-year-old girl and repeatedly sexually assaulted her. He is also accused of raping or sexually assaulting (like there is a difference with victims that young!) at least four other girls.

The adult woman, a witness against Alamo in the trial, said that she has been involved in his ministry since the age of three. She said that the 74-year-old Alamo told her that she should not question "what the Lord told me to do."

Tony Alamo's defense: The U.S. Government and the Vatican are conspiring against him.

What a shame the Feds don't have the legal authority to impose a penalty involving the use of a dull paring knife!

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Mike Box said...

I spoke to God today. SHE wants everyone to send me $7.77! SHE said if anyone considered taking half measures, then just make it $3.33.

SHE also said to send cash, since cash trusts in HER and no one these days should place their trust in banks.

SHE said everyone would be blessed when they sent me the money.

Do not disobey HER or SHE will send HER wrath down. Believe me, PMS is HELL!

I await HER blessings.