Friday, July 10, 2009

Boone Macy's Summer Vacation

by Boone Macy
Young Explorer

When we went to the Bahamas we took a tour of a hotel called the Atlantis. They had all kinds of fish. Part of the hotel was seawater fed. There was an arch on the hotel that was $25,000 per night. The Bahamas had thousands of stray dogs. After Nassau in the Bahamas we went back to the ship. Then we played basketball. After that we went to the Pirates in the Caribbean party. Nassau had a very beautiful ocean. Then we went to the Disney island, Castaway Cay. I went kayaking with my dad. He went parasailing. We went to the ocean and played. We got a lot of shells. Now we are on the ship ready for dinner. Then we will be back in West Plains. I can’t wait. We are sailing away from Castaway Cay. We saw the new movie, Up. It was really funny. I just got back from dinner. We saw the Musical Dreams. When we were kayaking my dad’s hat blew off. Then a barracuda started poking at it. On our tour of Nassau we saw the Queen’s Staircase. It had a secret passageway to a fort built by slaves. The Queen's staircase as built in Queen Victoria’s honor. It had 64 steps for the years that she served as Queen. But they had to build 66 because 64 did not go all the way down. In Nassau they had a Hard Rock CafĂ©. They had a drum signed by Jim Morrison. They had shoes worn by Elton John. They had a guitar signed by Kiss. They had one of Ozzy Osbourne's suits. They had paintings of Steven Tyler. We had dinner at a restaurant called Tritons. In the Disney park we saw a squirrel eating a chocolate chip cookie. We also saw some older autographs of celebrities. They had autographs by Angus Young, Russel Crow, and a suit worn by Dick Van Dike in Mary Poppins. We saw Honey Darlin. We saw the Monsters Inc. studios. We rode the Star Wars ride flight simulator. We rode the Waski river ride. We rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We had a fun time. Me and my dad saw a whole bunch of red and black fish. They were 7 to 8 feet. One had to be 13. I just got up. We saw Chip and Dale, Pluto, Goofy, Minny and Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck. We saw Captain Hook, too. Now we are on the bus to the airport. Now a drawbridge is going up. Now we are at the airport. We are going to ride the monorail. It is bumpy. At Castaway Cay we saw a seagull behind us at lunch eating people's food. He even ate a hotdog! Our room had a balcony. We got lots of things. I had a great trip.


aunt molly said...

So awesome! I love that! Especially the part about Nick's hat flying away & a barracuda getting it, ha.

Judy said...

Hi Boone it sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Can I go with you next time?
Erin's Mom