Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome Little Ruby!

by Pa Rock
Proud Grand Uncle

My father's fifth great-grandchild, Ruby Estelle Pfetcher, was born earlier today in London, England. Her parents are Jason and Heidi (my niece) Pfetcher, and her older sister is Lauren. My sister, Gail, is the happy grandmother.

My mother's first name was Ruby, although she always went by her middle name, Florine. I spoke to my dad tonight on the phone, and as we were talking about his new great-grandchild, he said simply, "Florine would have been so proud!" She certainly would have been!

Ruby, our sweet little July gem, we are so pleased that you have joined us! May your life be long, healthy, and very, very happy!

With much love,

Uncle Rock

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Mike Box said...

Send my congrats and kudos on to Corvair Granny!