Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

by Pa Rock
Proud Grampa

My youngest grandson, Sebastian Phoenix Files, turned two-years-old today, and though it has been way too long since I have seen him, his mother sends me pictures and short movies over the Internet almost daily. He is walking, often running, and pulling things out of his cabinets, like most explorers his age tend to do. He is also learning to use the potty like a big boy! And he is always busy, busy, busy - but never too busy to stop and smell the flowers. Sebastian, like Pa Rock, loves to smell the flowers!

Little Sebastian called me this morning. I sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and when I finished, he said clearly, "I wuv you!"

Well, I wuv you, too, Sebastian! I weally, weally do! Have a wonderful birthday!

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Phillipia said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sebastian.