Friday, July 3, 2009

Am I Still Happy With Obama?

by Pa Rock
Rabble Rouser

There is a small Obama-Biden sticker on the trunk of my car, easily seen by all of the conservative blue-hairs that I zip around on the Arizona highways, as well as by all of the brass at the air force base where I work. As long as I am satisfied with the job that President Obama is doing, the bumper sticker will stay in place.

Today as I was ripping down Litchfield Road heading to the gym, a guy in a big-assed SUV (one of those penis-compensator models) pulled up next to me at a stop light and rolled down his window. "Hey," he snorted,"Let me ask you something. Are you still satisfied with Obama?"

"Yes, sir, I certainly am." I replied smiling broadly.

"Great." He responded flatly as he sped off.

The truth is that even a great President can do better. I would like to see him call the Joint Chiefs into the Oval Office and say, "Boys, 'Don't Ask - Don't Tell' ends today - and don't let the door hit your uniformed asses on the way out!" Simple and to the point!

I would also like to see him call all of the Blue Dog Democrats into the White House and inform them that he is backing a public option in the health care legislation that is so liberal it would make the ghost of FDR blush - "and if any of you SOB's vote against it, I will field a primary candidate to oppose you and bring some massive Obama rallies right into your neighborhoods!"

Modest proposals, but worth consideration.


BK in MO said...

OK - nice ideas, but not politically viable. One thing I love about Obama is, he doesn't waste rhetoric or time, and cuts to the chase. The military culture is so ingrained and so autonomous, that he, the President, can't really top the "don't ask don't tell" without it going back like it was, which was much worse - known homosexuals were allowed to stay as long as it suited the powers above them and they were not in combat situations, which get dicey. Not just dicey on homosexual grounds, but on other issues as well, I'm told. Its known that people die in combat for reasons other than enemy fire. Happens all the time, for various reasons. Ahem.
Our collective attitude regarding gays, lesbians and transgenders in this country must change. But this is not the most pressing issue before Obama. Give him a little breathing room, because he has a few wars and a recession to deal with.
Now, on the health care issue - he has to be very careful. Powerful lobbies are poised to take the whole house of cards down, a la Hillary. (Just like in 1994). So, he must play this right. I'm thinking his decision not to go single payer is a concession to insurance, and at first I was upset, but now I get it - the government plan will be there as a fail safe, and it will guide the others. In the end, the result will be the same. It will be OK.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...


All of my comments were somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

You are basically right on the health care issue, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it! I would enjoy seeing those Blue Dogs doing some sweating!

As someone who works on a military base every day, I can tell you that the attitude on DA-DT has changed markedly over the past few years, particularly with young service people. They don't care who you sleep with - just as long as you pull your share of the load. Opposition to DA-DT rests with the older brass and the significant Christian fundamentalist element that slimes its way through the military like cancer.

I understand political caution, but it can easily turn into paralysis. I hope the left-wing rabble keeps up the pressure. I like Obama - a lot - but I would hate to lose this wonderful opportunity to make gains on truly important issues.

BK in MO said...

OK, well said. I agree. We want a rabble rouser. But don't count him out yet. I think we will be surprised by what he will deliver.