Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Antonio Rude

by Pa Rock

A while ago I rode from my hotel to the San Antonio Airport on the airport shuttle, an expensive operation called SATrans. (To get from the airport to downtown and back is a pricey $32.00.) SATrans operates for its own benefit, and, in the process if it can benefit travelers, well, that's just gravy. When I arrived, for instance, I had to wait nearly an hour while the shuttle dogged around waiting to fill every seat. It is a money maker, pure and simple, and on top of that the drivers expect a nice tip for doing their job.

This morning there were a group of what appeared to be college students out of New York on the shuttle. When we got to the airport, everyone was busy getting their bags when the driver suddenly went theatrical. "Ma'am," he said. "Take your thirty cents back. That's not a tip, that's an insult!"

I only observed one insult, and that was the one hurled by the driver at his passenger.

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