Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's Really the Elitist? (Part Deux)

by Pa Rock

Previously in this forum I have made fun of John McBush's assertions that Barack Obama is an elitist, pointing out that the word "elitist" when used by crackers is code for "uppity." I observed that while Barack and Michelle Obama manage to make do with one house, the McBush family requires seven, or eight, or nine...the exact number is apparently not even known by them! I also noted that while Barack was raised by a single mother who had to, on occasion, resort to food stamps and welfare in order to put food on the family table, and he went to college and graduate school with scholarships and loans, McBush, the son and grandson of Admirals, grew up in more rarefied circumstances. And while the Obamas live relatively comfortably today, especially considering their modest backgrounds, their income pales in comparison to the third-of-a-billion dollars that annually slides into the McBush family coffers.

Today another story about the disparity between the two families is making the rounds. Investigators apparently went to the Division of Motor Vehicles to see how many cars each candidate owns. The Obamas own one. The McBushes own thirteen, and that doesn't count the one that Cindy normally drives because it is registered to her beer distributorship.

Thirteen cars! Maybe that's why they own so many homes - they need the extra garage space! (Of course, several of the cars may belong to Meghan - different styles and colors for accessorizing!)

So, let's do the math: the Obama's have one house, one car, a six-figure income, and may get a puppy; the McBushes have seven or more homes, 13 cars plus one on loan from Cindy's business, and a nine-figure income. Once again I ask, "Who's really the elitist?"

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