Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Whips Up On the Candidates

by Pa Rock

I received an email from Obama this morning suggesting that I send a donation to the Red Cross to assist with the disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav. I will send a donation, and so should you. But consider sending it to the Salvation Army instead. They will spend it, quickly and effectively, on helping the victims of Gustav. The Red Cross, as clearly outlined in a post several months ago, has a dubious track record on getting aid to where it was intended to go.

McBush and Gidget the Eskimo have visited a disaster relief station in Mississippi, safely out of the reach of Gustav. And the Republicans are going to extremes (supposedly) to tone down their convention out of respect for the victims of this natural disaster. Are they just a bunch of opportunistic toadies, or do they finally get it? My money is on the first option.

Dear Leader and Prick Cheney have both cancelled their convention speeches tonight so that they could more closely follow news of the hurricane. Who says a hurricane can't be beneficial? A lot of GOP party bosses are breathing easier this evening!

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