Friday, September 26, 2008

Who's Calling?

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I remember years ago when the telephone companies first began talking about Caller I.D. At last, I thought, the phone companies have come up with something I can really use. My euphoria was short-lived, however, because the system that was implemented was not universal. People could pay or dial special codes to keep the person being called from knowing the phone numbers of those doing the calling.

People with unlisted numbers wanted to be able to call whomever they pleased without having to disclose their secret telephone numbers. They knew yours, but you weren't permitted to know theirs - not very democratic!

But it's the bastard telemarketers that really get me going! Yes, I have put my personal phone on the no-call list, but I still get calls from imbeciles collecting for the Sheriff's or Fireman's Associations, political groups, and assorted charities. This week I have had two calls at my workplace from people trying to sell me condos. Fortunately for them, I was with clients and was unable to describe in too much detail just how much their call meant to me - or to offer advice as to where they could put their condos!

We need universal caller i.d. When some cretin calls my house or my workplace trying to make a quick buck, I want to have access to their telephone number so that I can call back at my convenience - and hopefully at their inconvenience!

Anything less just isn't fair. (And everyone knows how much I value fairness!)

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