Friday, September 12, 2008


by Pa Rock
Charitable Giver

I tithe. I tithe better than most of the expensively suited and fabulously furred upper class “good” Christians who step over the homeless and avert their eyes from the physically disabled in order to make their Sunday pilgrimage into their massive stone sanctuaries of wealth and privilege. I tithe better than the mindless morons who send money each week to television beggars like Pat Robertson and Oral Roberts. I tithe better than those who think they can purchase forgiveness or special dispensations with enough cash and the right connections. I tithe better than all of those fools because I cut out the middleman.

My theory regarding God is that she does not easily suffer the pickpockets and charlatans who shake down the masses on her behalf. God has a greater appreciation for those who take an active role in the care of the world and its creatures. She is moved by charitable works, and she is repulsed by the aggregation of riches – especially when it is churches and their pastors piling up wealth in her name.

I tithe by feeding the birds and the prairie dogs, stretching a simple meal into a feast for several hungry souls. I tithe by giving a dollar to those in need, without cynically trying to evaluate their “true” motives for begging. I suspect that those with their hands out are in need of something – if not money, at least respect and acknowledgement that they are in our line of vision. I tithe by giving to helping organizations whose work I know and trust, The Salvation Army and Doctors Without Borders being regular recipients of my modest attentions.

Instead of directing ten percent of your income to some richly robed conman, consider investing the same funds with agencies, and causes, and people that you know are dedicated to helping the poor and the downtrodden. Think of ways to use less energy, cause less pollution, and make the world a greener place. Stop for the stranded motorist, donate to a food pantry, and celebrate the good in life by constantly reflecting it toward others.

Vote Peace: Know that war kills and maims children, and that God does not sanction war – ever – because war destroys God’s work.

We can all do our part. We can all do more. We can all tithe and support God’s work without feeding the intolerance and naked bigotry of organized religion or proselytizing governments. It is harder to share than it is to sit on our assets, but sharing is truly God's work, and doing her work makes us stronger and better individuals.

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