Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Best of the West

by Pa Rock
Food Critic

I was telling a friend recently about the wonderful burgers at What-a-Burger. They were, I stated boldly, the best in the Valley of Hell. "Not so fast, Kimosabe." He cautioned. "Wait 'til you try In-n-Out Burgers!"

Yesterday, while running numerous errands, I happened upon one of the Phoenix area's eleven In-n-Out Burgers just at lunch time, so taking up my friend's challenge, I pulled through and ordered a "double-double." I can now relate my findings: First, a "double-double" is too damned big to eat while driving, and, second, those folks at In-n-Out make an outstanding burger! My friend knows that of which he speaks - something that I am seldom accused of doing!

So, fellow travelers through life, here are some of Pa Rock's gastronomic recommendations for cheap desert dining:

Best Burgers: 1. In-n-Out Burgers 2. What-a-Burger
Best Chicken: El Pollo Loco (um-um-good!)
Worst Chicken: Kentucky Flied
Best Corn on the Cob: Church's Chicken
Best Pizza and Lasagna: Rosati's Pizza
Best Iced Tea: The Village Inn
Best Inexpensive Sit-Down Meal: The Village Inn
Best Breakfast Value: McDonald's Sausage Egg McMuffin and large drink - $2.00
Worst Breakfast Sandwich: Wendy's Sausage Panini
Best Place to Buy Antacid Tablets: 1. Target 2. Wal-Greens

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