Monday, September 15, 2008

The Protests Over Liliana

by Pa Rock

Last night, in the middle of the night (Arizona time), a fellow named Alexander posted a comment on the blog entry immediately preceding this one. The comment consisted of a link to a You Tube video on the controversy outside of the Simi Valley Church of Christ. The video showed two groups of protesters facing off along the street with a cadre of police separating them.

The anti-immigrant group was led by a little man with a bullhorn who kept exhorting his group to remember that "illegal" aliens have been responsible for the deaths of 25 law enforcement officers. Possibly true, I thought, but he had the bullhorn, so no one could shout him down if his facts were wrong. And then I wondered about other groups whose members may have killed law enforcement officials. Isn't it likely that some guys with badges have been gunned down by NRA members, or even PTA members? Can you really draw a conclusion that a whole group is dangerous based on the actions of an infinitely small percentage of its members? (Well, possibly in the case of the NRA!)

The little man with the bullhorn amused me. I thought of Buck Henry playing the American Nazi leader in the movie, The Blues Brothers, shortly before he came to realize just what a gay organization the American Nazi Party really was (is). (My apologies to gay organizations everywhere for dredging that up.) I did see one person of color in with the morons, but I made the assumption that he was probably a very nervous reporter.

The other protesters, the ones supporting Liliana and human rights, were shouting "Racists go home!" - a hard trick for xenophobes to accomplish since they think the whole damn country is theirs anyway!

Alexander didn't say why he sent the link, but I appreciate his response. Here it is for those who would like to view and evaluate it themselves. Several related videos are linked at the end of this one:

Thanks for sharing that, Alexander!

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