Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tim!

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

My youngest, Tim, turns twenty-nine today, and he knows how very proud I am of him. But I would like to say so publicly, in this forum, and take the opportunity to brag on his achievements.

Tim dropped out of high school while living in the wilds of Montana. I was several states away and unable to interfere in his life to the extent that I would have liked. But despite his disillusion with Montana's cowboy culture and schools, he assured me that he had not given up on education. He eventually completed his GED and went on to receive a bachelor's degree and a master's degree at the University of Kansas.

Tim was in several plays while growing up and could have easily become an actor. His stage presence was amazing! He was in two college productions and some of our local little theatre doings while still in elementary school. He was able to slip into a character as easily as most of us slip into comfortable clothing.

Instead of acting, though, he pursued his interest in theatre through writing. Tim became active in playwriting while working on his Master's in Fine Arts at the University of Kansas. I was proud beyond belief to be able to go to Lawrence during three separate Octobers to see a Tim Macy play.

The last play that Tim had produced at the University of Kansas was a real life drama about a local teen who left his home one night years before to attend a pre-graduation party - and was never heard from again. Tim's account of the tragedy stirred emotions and articles about the disappearance in a host of local newspapers as well as The Kansas City Star. The young man, Randy Wayne Leach, remains missing twenty years later. His parents were very appreciative of Tim's work in reviving interest in their son's case, and I was very proud of the strong bond that he formed with them while doing research for the play.

On another occasion Millie Crossland (until recently the Clerk of Kansas City, MO, and a very special friend) and I went to Washington, DC, to see one of Tim's plays presented in a competition at the Kennedy Center. I overheard Millie tell Tim at the play about Randy Leach that she has seen more of his plays than those of any other playwright. And that's saying something because Millie gets around!

Tim has had several short stories published in literature journals. Two have his short stories have been made into short films. He is clearly a writer with a lot of promise.

Tim has substituted in the public schools, taught at the college level, and currently does outreach work with disadvantaged youth for the University of Kansas. He works very hard and writes every day!

Being Tim's dad hasn't always been easy, but it has usually been fun!

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