Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trump's Cockroaches

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Cockroaches are a ubiquitous part of civilization.  They have always been with us, but usually they have the good manners to stay concealed during daylight and emerge to prowl and forage for bits of food and garbage in the relatively safety of darkness.  Most people regard cockroaches as vermin, and a sure sign of poor housekeeping.

America, itself, must have some housekeeping issues because ever since the specter of Donald Trump descended over the country his cockroach minions have been swarming.  It didn't take too many generals, lobbyists, alt-right cult personalities, segregationists, and general purpose crackers being appointed to Trump's cabinet and inner-circle for America's human cockroaches to begin to feel secure in showing themselves in public - even in the daylight.  They learned early on that Trump's incessant demeaning of immigrants, the poor, women, and minorities provided a bountiful feast to assuage their ravenous hatred.  Trump was speaking for their America.

A group calling itself the  American Congress for Truth (ACT) is planning a series of demonstrations around the United States today protesting Sharia Law, a red herring commonly used by hate groups, like the ACT, whose actual purpose is to demean and vilify Muslims.  It is now acceptable to link arms and march in protest of the religion of others because of . . . well . . . Donald Trump.

It's springtime in Donald Trump's America - and swastikas and Confederate flags and morons with guns are popping up all over.  If there is any good news to be had, it is this:  the cockroaches are finally coming out into the daylight where we can deal with them.

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