Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Senate's Back Door

by Pa Rock
Concerned Citizen

I don't pretend to know how easy it is to contact every United States Senator, but for the two from Missouri there are basically two options:  either take the time and effort to write a personal, snail mail letter - which is probably the best option under any circumstances - or telephone and state your business to a bored telephone operator who will put a check mark in the appropriate column.

Email?  Dream on!

Well, to be honest, Ol' Roy Blunt does have information on his website about how to send him an email.  In order to use the supplied email form, senders must answer several demographic questions and pick a specific category of request before adding the message.  The process gives aides the opportunity to pigeonhole the request without actually having to dwell on the message itself - the email equivalent of putting a check mark in the appropriate column.  "Yup, Senator.  Here's another liberal with his hand out who wants free government health care - like yours."

Not to be outdone by Ol' Roy's cavalier attitude toward the rubes back home, Claire McCaskill does not even offer an email option on her home page.  If you want to email Claire, tough bananas!

So, with those burrs already under my saddle blanket, imagine my delight when I came across a listing of Senate aides along with their unencumbered email addresses.  Two were listed for Blunt and one for McCaskill - as well as listings for the aides of most other United States Senators.  That very useful information is listed in an article today on Daily Kos (www.dailykos.com) entitled:  "Republican senators say their phones aren't ringing to save the ACA, so here's the contact list."  (http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/6/12/1671161/-Republican-senators-say-their-phones-aren-t-ringing-to-save-the-ACA-so-here-s-the-contact-list?detail=emaildkre)

If you miss it, I am saving a copy - so just drop me at note at this blog.  It's good stuff, really good stuff!

Here is a copy of the note that I forwarded to those Senate aides:  

Message for Senator Blunt and Senator McCaskill:

I am very concerned about what seems to be happening in the United States Senate with regard to the future of access to health care for all Americans.

If  there are problems with the Affordable Care Act, then by all means address those issues and work on fixing them - with public hearings and input from people who actually use the services.  Throwing out this important program would be a mistake, one that most Americans will not overlook or forget.

In that same vein, deliberations on the proposed replacement plan, the American Health Care Act, should be held in a public setting with public input solicited and given careful consideration.  Drafting the replacement bill in secret doesn't sound very "American" to this concerned senior citizen.

If you are proud of the work you do in representing Missourians, do it out in the open where we all can watch and comment.  After all, we are the "Show Me" state.


Rocky G. Macy

I also included my home address and telephone number.

The process was very convenient and easy.  I may become a regular at sharing my insightful views with these two august Missourians!

Thank you, Daily Kos, for kicking open the back door to the United States Senate!

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