Friday, June 30, 2017

The Geese, They Fly - and So Do the Grandkids

by Pa Rock

My sweet baby geese, who are somewhere around three-months-old, have been trying to become airborne for weeks now.  Every time I step out the back door they come running from the farthest reaches of the yard, wings flapping, trying desperately to gain some air.  I had about decided that they were destined to spend their lives bound to the ground, alive with desire but, alas, too large for liftoff.

Then yesterday afternoon as I stepped outside, not long after completing several days worth of mowing, I looked up and saw all five geese flying in for a graceful landing out past the barn.  My babies had achieved the power of flight!

Late in the evening as I was getting all of the birds in for the night, the geese rushed from the barn to join me, and as they ran, wings flapping, the leader took some air and flew the short distance to the coop.   He was showing off!

(A few hours earlier I had been chasing the same geese with the lawnmower trying to get the feathered daredevils away from the road.  It's just like raising kids - five at a time!)

But the geese here at Rock's Roost were not the only things taking flight yesterday.  My Oregon grandchildren, along with their parents, boarded a big airplane in Portland and flew to Kansas City.  They are at Uncle Tim and Aunt Erin's until tomorrow morning when the family will drive down to the Ozarks to spend a couple of nights at The Roost.   Sebastian was here for two nights three summers ago, but it will be Judah and Willow's first trip to see Pa Rock at his farm - and Willow's first trip ever to Missouri.   When they leave here they will drive to Oklahoma for a visit with their other grandparents.

I'm excited, Rosie is beside herself with joy, and the geese are planning an air show!  All of that, and every neighbor for miles around has taken out payday loans for fireworks.  The evening skies have been amazing!

Drive safely, Scott and Molly, we are anxious to have you here at The Roost!

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