Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Barn Full of Cats

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Spring

I knew that Fiona, the farm cat, was pregnant with her first litter of kittens back in late April, and then on the morning of May 8th (Harry Truman's birthday and an official state holiday here in Missouri) when she pranced out of the barn suddenly skinny and demanding a big breakfast, I assumed there was a new litter of farm life hidden somewhere in the loft.

But as the days drug  on, and I neither saw nor heard the hungry mews of young kittens, and as Fiona began spending more time away from the barn, I made the assumption that something had feasted on her young - perhaps the skunks who occasionally traipse through the barn.

Yesterday afternoon, however, the truth was revealed.  Fiona had spent most of the morning accidentally locked in the garage where she had a pan of food available as well as the odd mouse.  When I freed her at noon she did not act overly upset - like a mother who needed to rush off and check on her babies.   Then, in the early afternoon as I was walking toward the barn, Fiona came trotting along the fence row and through the gaggle of geese who normally harass her - and stumbling along in her wake was a small kitten, black and brown, the very picture of a little Fiona.

I picked the baby up and carried him (or her) back to the barn, followed closely by the now solicitous mother.  As I opened the barn door, I heard other kittens mewing among some rolls of fence wire stored on a platform beneath the loft.  I caught glimpses of a couple.  I set the baby down to rejoin his (or her) siblings, gave Fiona a congratulatory pat on the head, and left.  A few minutes later I crept back in hoping to see more of the cat family.  This time I spotted four kittens - two who looked like their mother, one who was black, and a totally orange one.   Beautiful, beautiful farm babies.

Now, of course I have more cats than any sane person could possibly want or need.  All of the kittens are available for adoption, and Pa Rock will ship or deliver anywhere within the continental United States.  They are all adorable - including the one wearing the little button that says "Merriam, Kansas, or Bust!"

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Anonymous said...

Love your farm babies

Xobekim said...

Orange is one of my favorite colors. Let me talk to the boys, the adults are okay with the concept, and its number will not exceed the limit set by the Merriam City Code.

Xobekim said...

The verdict is in. We will trade one Yuge bunch of egg cartons for one Orange cat. Could have told you sooner but Bryce woke up not long ago. Summertime!

Xobekim said...

Camy the kitten has about doubled in size. Fortunately we knew when she was born because of this posting. Kitty fertility calculators are presently in use as there seems to be a rush on getting the little feline fixed.