Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sullivan Macy Is One-Year-Old

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

My youngest grandchild, Sullivan Charles Macy, is one-year-old today, yet another reminder of how quickly time is racing by.   I was at the hospital in the Kansas suburbs of Kansas City on that bright June morning when little Sully entered this world, and over the past year I have enjoyed several opportunities to spend time with him and watch in amazement as he changes and grows.

Sully is a very happy child, with a smile that almost constant and sporadic laughter that is rooted in the warmth and safety of a loving family.  He is, at the tender age of one year, living an ideal life that all children deserve.

The last time I saw Sully, two weeks ago at his home near Kansas City, he was almost walking, and perhaps when he visits Pa Rock at The Roost in two more weeks he will be ready to take off across the yard and chase some chickens!  He really focused in on Rosie when we were at his house, and she is more than ready to show him her home and share all of her toys!

Happy birthday, little guy.  Pa Rock loves you and is very anxious to see you!

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