Friday, June 2, 2017

Faster than a Speeding Hearse

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

I was up before daylight today getting the farm organized for the day - and then Rosie and I hit the road for Kansas City.  We arrived safely not long after noon, and will be staying with my son and his family until Sunday morning.  Tonight Tim and I have tickets to see a local production of Neil Simon's "Rumors."   Simon, my favorite comedic playwright, was to the twentieth century what William Shakespeare was to the sixteenth - and will one day be recognized as such.

The long drive up to Kansas City was fairly uneventful, with two exceptions.  We began the drive at Sonic in West Plains where I ordered road food for breakfast.  My sandwich, a bacon and egg toaster, turned out to be bacon only, a sad discovery which I made somewhere between West Plains and Willow Springs.  Very disappointing!  The other thing of note was something I came across near Mountain Grove, Missouri, where a Missouri State Highway Patrolman, with his car lights a-flashing, had a hearse pulled over!  I would love to read the official report on that incident!

Also on tap for this weekend will be a trip to Costco, a retailer known for paying its employees a living wage - unlike Walmart.

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