Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trump Erupts from Every Orifice

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Donald John Trump is a man unencumbered with statesman-like demeanor, diplomatic skills, or even basic good manners.   The past few days, in fact, have born witness to an almost constant stream of verbal sleaze and bile blasting forth from the Republican presidential front-runner.  Trump continues to pillory the Bush family, recently calling George W. Bush a "liar" over his reasoning for taking the United States into a war with Iraq, and strongly implying the Jebya, as governor of Florida, gave safe harbor to the 9/11 terrorists while they attended flight school in Florida.

When The Donald takes a breather from Bush-bashing, he directs his fire at his most serious opponent for the Republican nomination - Ted Cruz.  Trump calls Cruz a "liar" over his campaign's reckless whispers in Iowa that Ben Carson was about to drop out of the race - and please vote for Cruz instead.  Poor Ben.  Trump is also threatening to sue Cruz over his claim to be a "natural born" citizen and thus eligible to run for President.  Trump claims Cruz is not a "natural born" citizen.

Trump is also now claiming that the Republican Party has failed to live up to its part of an agreement that they had with him because the party is not treating him fairly - and, consequently, the door now appears to be open again for him to run as an independent candidate if he so chooses.

Yesterday Donald Trump broke new controversial ground during an interview with conservative radio host, Michael Savage.  Trump, who is apparently a regular guest on Savage's show, responded in an enabling manner when asked if he thought the death of Supreme Court Justice Anonin Scalia might have been murder - and would he support a Warren Commission type of investigation into the matter? Trump, without climbing completely on-board the Nutville Express, did say that he had heard that Scalia had been found with a pillow over his face - and he noted that was an unusual place to have a pillow.

Calling Agent Mulder!  Calling Agent Scully!

One thing that Donald John Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt this political season is that there is absolutely no reason to waste millions of dollars on political advertising.  If a major candidate says bizarre things and behaves in an outrageous manner, the media will promote him, wall-to-wall and cover-to-cover, completely free-of-charge.

Buying television time is for losers.

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