Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kansas City in the Rearview Mirror

by Pa Rock
Traveling Fool

Rosie and I just returned from a weekend visit to Kansas City.  This time we had no pressing personal agenda for the trip, such as one of those bothersome medical appointments, and spent most of the weekend visiting with Tim and Erin and playing with Little Olive.

Tim and I did something interesting yesterday.  We toured Kansas City's World War I museum.  The museum, reportedly the only one in America dedicated solely to World War I, opened in 1926, at a time when thousands of veterans of that war were still around to share their memories and artifacts with the historical project.  The two buildings house hundreds of weapons including some large cannons and field artillery pieces, uniforms, medals and decorations, flags, photos, an old army ambulance, bi-planes - you name it and if it was part of the war, the museum has one - or a dozen..

The museum also has a gift shop which contains many books - some fiction, some not - about World War I.

A highlight of our visit to the World War I museum was a trip up the observation tower at the center of the complex.  The museum and tower rest atop a hill near downtown Kansas City. and the view from its top is spectacular - taking in the skyline of the entire downtown.

For you old hippies, AC/DC will be at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on February 29th, and tickets for the 20,000-seat venue have already sold out.   Who knew the highway to hell crossed America's heartland - and that it was so well traveled?  Rock on, geezers!

Bumper Sticker Update:  It is 275 miles of almost entirely four-lane highway between my house and Tim and Erin's.  I saw one political bumper sticker on the way there - one promoting "Obama 2012," and one Bernie yard sign - both in the Missouri suburbs of Kansas City.  Saturday while we were doing our running around I saw three Bernie bumper stickers on a total of two cars.  I really regard those numbers as fairly anemic for late February of a general election year.  Of course, countless people got to see my Bernie bumper sticker.

Fun Note:  Last night after Hillary won the Nevada caucuses - kinda, sorta, barely - I got an email from her thanking me for my support and saying "I couldn't have done it without you."  If her campaign is dependent on support from me, or people like me, she might as well throw in the towel!

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