Saturday, February 13, 2016

The GOP Really Is the Stupid Party

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This coming Monday, the day after tomorrow, is President's Day, and to help mark the occasion a former President will be making a speech in Charleston, South Carolina.  No, it won't be a grandiose verbal tribute to the history and glory of America's past Chief Executives, nor will it be any type of memorial to the nine black Christians who were shot to death while praying in a Charleston church last summer.

No, the speech that former President George W. Bush will be giving will be a family-self-promotional affair intended to revive the flagging presidential candidacy of his younger brother, Jebya.  That's right.  George W. Bush, a man who, if there was any justice in the world, would be standing, chained and shackled, before a war crimes tribunal at The Hague, will instead be trying to convince a state packed with bigoted religious zealots that his baby brother is every bit as extreme as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

It will be a tough sell, but if there is one person who could proudly carry a flag of stupidity into Dixie without having a clue as to what a joke he is out in the real world, that person would be George W. Bush.  He's the logical choice, and a blood relative, and besides, Sarah Palin is already committed to Trump.

Hey South Carolina, never trust people with an IQ of over one hundred.  They'll fix your roads and bridges when you aren't paying attention, make your employers provide living wages and safe working environments, and try to give you health insurance!  Protect your liberties and support the Stupid Party!

People like George and Sarah know what's best for you - yes they do - you betcha they do!

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