Thursday, February 18, 2016

Macho, Macho Cruz!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There is a reason that people, including almost the entire United States Senate, don't like Ted Cruz - and it isn't his pleasing personality or his natural-born Canadian-ness.  The reason folks can't warm up to the junior senator from Texas is because he is so damned mean.  Cruz's macho posturing has led him outrageous positions that offend thoughtful people at every strata of society.

Senator Cruz is an immigrant and the son of an immigrant who opposes immigration and vilifies people who are trying to enter this country for a safe and productive life.  He has a wife and daughters yet stands in righteous opposition to women having control of their own bodies.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law School who interprets the Constitution exactly as it was written, as strict and hard as cement, unless the Constitutional topic at hand is a duly elected President (whom Cruz does not personally like) filling a Supreme Court vacancy.   Senator Cruz is against crime, but gleefully supports policies and legislation that would arm everyone and let them carry weapons everywhere from stores, to taverns, to church on Sunday.

Ted Cruz is one tough hombre.

Now the man who wants to be commander-in-chief is formulating plans to toughen our military.  Cruz has announced that under his leadership the United States military would not be serving any gluten-free meals.   

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that is thought to be genetically predisposed.  It is a reaction to gluten in food that has a particularly devastating effect on the small intestine.  Celiac disease is thought to effect one in 200 people worldwide.   The standard way of combating celiac disease is by avoiding gluten in the diet - a dietary practice that some speculate would be good for us all.

But celiacs beware, there's hate in the air.  Macho Ted ain't having none of that namby-pamby, politically-correct stuff in his military.  His soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are all going to be tough - like himself.  You won't find any of them walking the aisles of a whole foods store.  Bring on that there gluten!

Never mind that the military doesn't currently allow celiacs to enlist.  Never mind that the military does not now, nor has it ever, served any gluten-free meals to anyone.   Never mind that Generalissimo Ted, the pride of Calgary, Canada, has himself never served one day in uniform for any country - he still knows what's best for the troops - and by God he will have his way!

In an age when sound bites are everything, Ted Cruz bites with the best of them.

It is a small wonder that he is so unloved.

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