Sunday, February 28, 2016

Arizona Politicians Split on Trump - for the Time Being

by Pa Rock
Former Desert Rat

During the several years in which I called the arid wasteland of central Arizona my home, I was represented in Congress by Trent Franks, a Republican and a member of the "Freedom" Caucus.   Trent was deeply fixated on two things:  keeping the Air Force happy and women's vaginas.   He was, and I sure he remains, one of the most extreme anti-abortion members of the United States House of Representatives.

Now I see where Trent's interests have drifted over the realm of presidential politics.  He would like to see a Republican win the White House, and, more importantly, he does not want to run the risk of the next President coming equipped with a vagina.  Trent, like so many of the other "leaders" of his party, is beginning to sense that Donald Trump is rushing headlong toward the nomination, and that prospect scares the Arizonan because he fears that Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton - and a woman President would be very bad news for the legions of old white men who have built their careers on legislating controls over women's bodies.

Trent Franks came up with a plan that he hopes will derail the Trump Express.  He has drafted a letter to Trump's only two serious rivals, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, asking that they please (and quickly) meet between themselves and decide on one of their number to remain in the presidential race and the other to become the acknowledged running mate . . . a Rubio-Cruz or a Cruz-Rubio ticket.  The Arizona congressman figures that the combined forces of the two kids of Cuban immigrants might be enough to defeat Donald Trump for the GOP nomination - and it might be enough to keep Hillary in the kitchen baking cookies for her grandchildren - as God intended.

And if The Donald goes on to win the nomination despite the skulduggery of of Trent Franks?  Well, in that case, the less-than-morally comitted congressman says that he would support the New York billionaire "robustly."

Two other prominent Arizona politicians, both far better known than Trent Franks, have announced their support for Donald Trump.  Joe Arpaio, the decrepit sheriff of Maricopa County (Phoenix), came out for Trump several weeks ago, and the finger-pointing former governor of the state, Jan Brewer, gave her blessing to the loud-mouthed reality TV star yesterday.

By this November all three - Franks, Arpaio, and Brewer - should all be singing from the same hymnal, and it won't be a pretty tune.  Of course with those three, it seldom is.

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