Friday, February 26, 2016

Mass Shootings Not an Issue in GOP Debate

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

All five of the remaining Republican presidential candidates - Kasich, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and Bozo the Clown - are firmly on record as opposing any tightening of America's criminally ineffective gun laws, so it is little wonder that CNN failed to ask a single question in last night's debate about the day's mass shooting in western Kansas - or the other two mass shootings earlier in the week in Glendale, Arizona, and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

No news there, folks, not when we can focus instead on the Great Wall of the American southwest that has zero chance in hell of ever getting built.  Just pile those dead bodies out of the way someplace while the serious debate dialogue continues.  Now, where did the producers put those super-soakers?

Four people died and fourteen more were wounded (ten critically)  in a mass shooting at and near a factory in Hesston, Kansas, yesterday, and yet all of that carnage did not merit a single mention during the debate.  No one, including sleepy Ben Carson, was put on the spot and asked to give a defense to their position in support of lax (or no) controls on the dangerous spread of weapons in the United States.  Three mass shootings this week and somewhere between twenty and forty nationwide this year - and it's only February!

That's disgraceful!

That's despicable!

And I'm talking about CNN's avoidance of the subject as much as I am about the lax gun laws and the shootings themselves.   As long as America keeps its collective head buried shoulder-deep in the sand, the shootings and carnage will keep coming right at us - and we will continue to look for leaders from the likes of that chorus line of meat-heads who danced across the stage in Houston last night.

Deporting the Final Five might be the key to making America great again.   And CNN, you might as well be Fox.

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