Saturday, February 22, 2014

Traveling Tim

by Pa Rock
Proud Parent

Son Tim hit the road yesterday morning at fifteen-minutes-past-six driving a solidly-packed twenty-six-foot UHaul truck.  His trip began just as the morning rush hour was gathering steam in Phoenix.   Last night he stayed in Dalhart, Texas, (north of Amarillo and just south of the Oklahoma Panhandle), and he called at 6:30 (Phoenix time) this morning saying that he was in Liberal, Kansas.  Phoenix to Liberal in just over twenty-four hours - including a night at a motel!

My days of being able to drive that hard have long since passed.

Tim plans to spend tonight with his family in Kansas City and then head on to West Plains tomorrow where his brother and nephew will help unload the truck.   By the time Pa Rock leisurely putts into town a week and a few days from now, all of the heavy lifting should be finished.  How's that for planning a move?

(For anyone who collects oxymorons, feel free to add "Liberal, Kansas" to your list!)

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Xobekim said...

That's damn good time, Tim!