Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Gangs of Maryvale

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I was reading London's UK Daily Mail this morning to see what was happening in the rest of the world.  It was the last place where I expected to encounter news about a small town just a few miles from where I live in the Arizona outback.   But there it was - a story about packs of feral Chihuahuas running wild through the streets of Maryvale!

These little fellows appear to be a real nuisance, if not an outright threat to peace and safety.  They have not been spayed and neutered, and are breeding like bunnies.  Residents report that the little dogs chase kids on their way to school, destroy property, sometimes bite, and litter the sidewalks and streets with their calling cards.  

The wily critters have also been recruiting bigger dogs into their gangs.

The agency responsible for bringing this plague of Chihuahuas-gone-wild under control is Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, but it readily admits to being too swamped with calls to do its job.  The unit received over 6,000 calls last year.  A spokesman said that sometimes as many as a dozen calls come in at once.  By the time the animal control officers respond, the pack has usually moved on or scattered.

The Animal Care and Control people said that they will spay and neuter all of the little dogs that they manage to catch - free of charge.

One story on the same subject in a different newspaper asked, "Who let the dogs out??"  Another maligned the little city by saying that it had "gone to the dogs."  That's just tacky journalism!

Here are my unsolicited suggestions:

1.  Old Joe Arpaio has an blue-hair "posse" that would probably enjoy the publicity police work.  Maybe they could roam the sidewalks of Maryvale with soup bones tied to their walkers and lure those illegal Mexican canine immigrants into cages.  Steven Seagal, who was in Maricopa County just last week posing with Arpaio, could probably run the operation - especially if Joe gave him the keys to his army tank.

2.  Bring in a few dozen coyotes.

In spite of the international coverage, the rampaging Chihuahuas of Maryvale are a local problem that will eventually be resolved locally.  Of course, if the yappy little demons had stormed the golf courses of Scottsdale, Jan Brewer would have called in the National Guard and nipped the problem in the bud!

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