Friday, February 14, 2014

Gone to Live with Jesus - or Somebody

by Pa Rock
Former Kentuckian

Years ago I read an account by humorist Erma Bombeck in which she recalled the moment when she realized she was funny.  She had just finished a load of laundry when her young son asked about one of his socks that had gone into the washer and not come out.  The quick-thinking mother replied that it had "gone to live with Jesus."

For some odd reason that comment came back to me this week when I read about the sinkhole opening up under the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky - and swallowing eight classic Corvettes.  Had they gone to live with Jesus?

Or,with the floor of the earth literally opening up and the vehicles being sucked down into the pit, had they gone to a more sinister entity?

There may be, however, more to this story than first meets the eye.  Last August lightening struck the Creation Museum, a mecca for the most rigid of Christian fundamentalists, which is just two hundred miles up the road near the small Kentucky town of Petersburg.  Acts of nature - or the opening salvos in the war that will end all wars?

Are the End Times upon us?   Is God a deity of infinite jest who has chosen to start her big show in Kentucky?    Will Jesus and the Apostles ride down from the heavens on dinosaurs and confront an army of red devils in Corvettes?

Will Jesus be wearing mismatched socks at the final judgement?

Uncork the corn squeezin's - this could be more fun than a Rand Paul filibuster!

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