Sunday, February 2, 2014

Several Shades of Sunday

by Pa Rock
Cultural Observer

On a typical Sunday I go to the gym, do two or three loads of laundry, catch up on the dishes, water the yard and the outdoor plants, and, time permitting, slip a nap into my schedule.  But now my life is centered on packing, so naps just don't happen.  I have also pushed the lawn-watering back to every two weeks and am eating almost entirely off of paper and plastic.  The next time I do dishes, I will pack them away.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and one of my young neighbors is having a party.  The street is full of very nice cars - which tells me that those attending his event are relatively young.  I don't know how it is in the real world, but young people connected to the military like their nice cars.

It is also Groundhog Day, and in Pennsylvania America's official groundhog, Punxtawney Phil, has seen his shadow, indicating that there will be six more weeks of winter.   I read a "tweet" today that noted many Americans will not accept information on climate change from reputable scientists, but will readily believe a weather forecast from a rodent.

It looks like ol' Phil may be right.  My grandson in West Plains, Missouri, told me that they had three inches of snow last night - and it is expected to snow every day this week.  (I hope the ground is dry by the time I get back there - in less than a month - of course, that is less than six weeks so we may be unpacking in the snow and ice!

My Sunday will hit its high point later tonight when PBS broadcasts another episode of Sherlock, a wonderful new adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes saga.   It is a great way to cap off the weekend!

And the boxes just keep piling up!

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Xobekim said...

Currently 8° F. with significant snow approaching Oz. One KC television meteorologist slammed Phil as being "soil swine" while pointing out the advantages of science over that rodent. Of course he also went on to predict another 6 weeks of winter!