Thursday, February 20, 2014

Packing It In

by Pa Rock

My youngest, Tim, arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor shortly before 8:00 a.m. today and we had picked up our moving van less than an hour later.  By 4:30 p.m, we had the van, all 26-feet of it, completely loaded.  Miraculously, Tim and his two able assistants managed to cram all of the collected artifacts of my life onto one truck.  Well, there are a few doodads that will accompany me back to Missouri next week in my car.

Our helpers were great.  One young man was the 21-year-old grandson of a friend who had helped me move once before - and the other, aged twenty, was the neighbor of a co-worker who immigrated from Cuba less than four months ago.  They were a hard-working team, hauling stuff to the truck while Tim managed to fit it all together like a 3-D puzzle on steroids.

Tonight Tim and I are camping out in my empty house, and he will hit the road in the morning - one week ahead of my planned departure.

My working career is drawing to a close - very, very quickly!

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