Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tennessee GOP Congressman Exhibits Breathtaking Hypocrisy

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Tennessee Congressman Stephen Fincher has made news recently for quoting the Bible to justify his support for legislation to drastically reduce food stamps for America's neediest citizens - many of whom are children and the elderly.  The sanctimonious Congressman Fincher is, of course, a Republican and a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

But no sooner had Fincher's biblical justification for allowing people to go hungry made it into the public record than it was revealed that he was the second largest recipient of farm subsidies currently serving in Congress.  The legislator, along with his brother and father, had received 8.9 million dollars in government subsidies over the past decade related to their 2,500 acre cotton farming operation that stretches into five Tennessee counties.

(Princess Michele Bachmann, a tea-bagger Congress-critter from Minnesota, had some well-earned similar notoriety a couple of years ago when it was revealed in the national press that she had benefitted handsomely from the farm subsidy program.)

Congressman Fincher has also been investigated by the Federal Election Commission over a questionable campaign loan from a bank at which his father was a director - and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has named him "One of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress."

The hungry may always be with us, but the greedy will be here, too - pushing their way to the front of the line and taking far more than their fair share.

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