Monday, January 20, 2014

Pixie and the Gluten-Free Kids

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Just finished my three-day visit with the Oregon grand kids.  It was great seeing how they have grown and changed in the many months since I last saw them.  It took little Willow until today to warm up to me, but now we are buddies.

Molly took Sebastian to a movie this afternoon while Scott was at work - which gave me an opportunity to babysit for Judah and Willow.  I think that the challenge was well met.   We played, read books, and watched Cars 2.   (Yesterday I saw the original Cars for the first time, and was very impressed.  I grew up in a town not too different from Radiator Springs!)

My grand dog, Pixie, is one amazing pooch.  They got her from a shelter several months ago.  She is completely house-broken, and when the family leaves, she goes and gets into a cage with a nice cushion where she remains until they return home.  The cage has the door open.  Today, with Scott at work, when Molly and Sebastian left for the movie (Frozen), Pixie went and got in her cage where she remained all afternoon until Molly and Sebastian got home - even though Judah, Willow, and I were all at home and within view of her cage.

One member of the Files' family has to be on a gluten-free diet, and, consequently, the whole family decided to go gluten-free.   Tonight Scott and I went grocery shopping, and I was surprised at how difficult it is to shop gluten-free.  There is a growing market that grocery merchandisers and food processors need to tap into.  Molly baked gluten-free cookies (chocolate chip) last night - and they were very good.

Tomorrow I'm leaving on a jet plane - for Phoenix!  Thirty-eight more days in the desert, but who's counting?

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Xobekim said...

I know there are some gluten free stores in the Phoenix area. There are fewer places in K.C. Portland has the New Seasons Market. A friend of mine is on this regimen so I looked up bread recipes on line. Found them, but have no idea where to buy the ingredients [or how to pronounce them]. So I filed that under best laid plans.