Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mountains of Plastic and Mysterious Lottery Tickets

by Pa Rock
Mover and Shaker

I have been busy the past couple of weeks packing plastic boxes and bins in anticipation of my looming move back to civilization.   There are mountains of boxes in the living room with a valley leading to a view of the television.  There are also growing stacks of filled boxes in my bedroom, and another bedroom has been singled out for storage of empty containers.

While other people are busy expelling trash from their lives, I never pass a dumpster without looking to see if it has any discarded containers that could be used for packing.  Today I found a couple of great boxes that had originally contained a pair on new porch lights - along with some good packing material.

This evening I made a strange discovery when I emptied a box of small plastic bins that I purchased at COSTCO.  There, in the bottom of the box beneath the last bin, were two lottery tickets.    One was a Power Ball ticket for March 28, 2009, and the other was an Arizona Pick for the same date.  Both tickets are, of course, well beyond the date of their expiration - and probably losers anyway - but I think I may play those numbers just in case.  You never know . . . my retirement plan could come together at the last minute!

Five weeks of work left!

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